Oct 31

A primary goal of CS training is teaching clients how to recruit specific deep trunk muscles to effectively control lumbar spine positioning during dynamic movements. Core training is intended to provide essential joint stiffness and stability, allowing the body’s large prime movers (global muscles) a solid working foundation. Carolyn Richardson, describing her research on core stability states, “Thus, conceptually, the transversus abdominis and multifidus form the walls of a cylinder while the muscles of the pelvic floor and diaphragm form its base and lid, respectively. There is some initial evidence that these four muscles act in synergy to provide a spinal support mechanism.”

Since so many popular bodywork modalities are based on core stability principles such as co-contraction of  transversus abdominis/pelvic floor muscles during specific movements, I’d like to get your feedback on this issue?

Oct 27

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Dalton’s 2010 Blue Collar Tour…

Dedicated to all the hardworking Bodyworkers in the trenches!

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Oct 26

There are only a few places where the nervous system can be properly tuned, and these “adjusting knobs” are the bones that directly attach to the dura mater. Faulty alignment or fixations in any bone of the cranial vault or spine will over stretch, torsion, deform or drag on the dural membrane, disrupting its ability to send or receive reliable signals from musculoskeletal and visceral structures. These aberrant dural stresses frequently manifest as spasm and pain, and are often misinterpreted as muscle problems. Therapists greatly benefit from the ability to quickly distinguish between common myofascial pain syndromes and true adverse dural tension signs.   View complete article   http://erikdalton.com/NewslettersOnline

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Oct 21

If there is a topic you would like to discuss… please post it and we can start some dialogue. Here is a video that has gotten a lot of attention on youtube, so I believe it is something that many people are interested in. Let’s get some discussion going on this often encountered issue.

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