May 13

Video of the Dalton Pain Management in Paradise in Costa Rica. 8 Days of fun and learning. Was a great trip with wonderful manual therapists. Was great meeting new and connecting with old friends. Always the highlight of my workshop tour… if you couldn’t make Costa Rica… check the schedule for workshops coming up in Los Angeles, West Palm Beach, FL and other parts of the county on Erik Dalton

Jan 29

We have, with great difficulty (so many good ones!) picked the 10 finalists for the January Blue Collar contest:

You know you’re a bodyworker if…

1. you win the lottery and are still “bodyworking”Pam from Ohio

2. you are the most popular guest at a party. Jane from NH

3. you recoil in horror when someone admits they carry a wallet in their
back pocket. Jessica

4. you know “deep tissue” means something other than the Kleenex in the
bottom of your purse. Robin from NM

5. You rub people the RIGHT way. Kathyrn from Oregon

6. you join the gym to surreptitiously give out business cards! Ruth from the UK

7. you are credited with fixing your client’s “idiot-sore-ass” (iliopsoas!)
Jane from VA

8. you give your massage business card to the stranger next to you, trying
to get up and walk after watching ‘Avatar’. Glinda from CA

9. the dog that you live with says “Rolf Rolf.” Susan, CA

10. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes is your favorite song!! Laura, VA

Vote for your favorite! Send your vote to

The winner will be announced here on this blog next week. Prizes will be awarded. Really getting some great prizes from sponsors too!

Nov 10

costa group

Myoskeletal ” Head – to – Toe” Workshop Details

  • Early registration runs out Dec 31st, 2009

  • We are 50% booked, this will be a record sellout event

  • Pagoda & Zendo suites already sold

  • Super Deluxe and Deluxe rooms selling faster than any year before

  • Prices go up as of Jan 1st, 2010 by 10% on all rooms

  • Currently taking deposits for the best Costa Rica Retreat ever


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Oct 27

Picture 4

Dalton’s 2010 Blue Collar Tour…

Dedicated to all the hardworking Bodyworkers in the trenches!

Click the link for registration information.

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